bus ride

I am on a bus ride through the city. 

It’s been a few hours.

I guess my thoughts are attracted to the scent of body odour, marijuana, and broken spirit.

It also motivates me to bury my head in these books.

Selfish, I know. 


I think death came to me whilst I lay in bed. Loomed over my unmoved body lost in dreams, and set upon meeting my soul.

But somehow I woke up. And he had only reached my heart.

It must explain morning’s apathy


today I spoke more words to a stranger on the bus on my way to work.

than with my own brother for 3 days.

he was sitting two aisles down from us.

I just don’t want to forgive him yet.

and he doesn’t crave my apologies.


doth not thine love transcend the violent fervor in thine heart.

and lo, doth not thine eyes overflow from the well whence your chest lies

so why then doth favor blind you to your body’s testament?

henceforth it shall be known, only your intellect kept you from happiness

do not displace blame, for your misery lies in your countenance.